Thursday, December 17, 2015

St. Louis Holidays

In St. Louis there is this introduction question of which high school you may have attended. Between my wife and I, she understands the question, I do not since I attended school on the other side of the river. Another statement made in this region is if you don't like the weather, just wait. It will change. Yet I think that statement could be said about a lot of other communities as well.

 It is December, and last week while shopping, we saw people in convertibles with the tops down, people in shorts, flip flops, even people outside standing at the grill. An unreasonably mid 60s for the month that is supposed to be filled with snowflakes, snowmen, hot chocolate, fireplaces, and flannel pjs. This week, we got a cold snap, but still no snow in the forecast; just mid 50s at the end of the week.

Our street is decked out with giant ornaments hanging off the sign posts, seasonal jazz music fills the weekends; storefronts have Santa hats, frosted windows, cutout snowflakes and more holiday glamour. Our house has an unnatural cut, almost perfect cone of a pine tree, simply decorated with lights and ribbons and a fancy watering pipe so we don't have to crawl under the tree every day. A few of the windows have ornaments, garland or lights of some combo adorning it. Our television takes over as the holiday fireplace (with no heat output). Stockings hanging off a string where a mantel should be, finishes out the living room. Christmas is coming.

Living on Cherokee Street, the weekend is filled with shoppers of all ages, wandering through the antique and unique stores. Every year, for a long while, Cherokee has hosted a Cookie Swap. The street was packed on a cool crispy day. A trolley with live music on it went back and forth on Cherokee. Carolers roamed the street stopping at each store. A band gathered a small crowd in font of another store as the blasted smooth tunes. Kids holding bags full of cookies just a like they would have a month ago at Halloween. Two days this Swap happened. Just another reason my wife and I love living on Cherokee Street.

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